Trio-X Basic Security Alarm Set

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Whether your home, whether a retail premises, whether a business of other nature, the fear of intruders is always going to be a concern – leading security systems such as the Castellax Sound Blaster-X and Security Strobe X are excellent first lines of defense, but for guaranteed high-level protection we also recommend our anti-intruder fogging system.


Castellax Fog-X Basic Security Set

For situations demanding the absolute highest level of security, including for the protection of wide range of vulnerable objects from remote homes and commercial properties to jewelry shops, art collections and yachts, Castellax has packaged together three of its leading products to deliver what we consider to be the very best anti-intruder security on the market today.

A significant step up from conventional alarm systems, this package includes the Castellax Sound Blaster-X, the Castellax Strobe-X and the Castellax Fog-X Basic anti-intruder fogging system. Taking security to a new level, and particularly important in areas where police response may be slow, all three solutions are not merely designed to alert responders to a break-in, but are specifically designed to repel intruders, to force them to leave the property before having time to commit their planned crimes. With all three solutions having a strong proven record of effectiveness, and second-to-none reliability and security back-up systems, combing all three together is truly going to render a property a virtual fortress, guaranteeing that even the most determined of intruders will be repelled.

Components of the Basic Security Set

  1. Castellax Sound Blaster X

Utilizing a powerful scientifically-developed up to 127dB blast of sound, this effectively leaves any protected territory inhospitable, debilitating and causing aural pain to intruders and forcing them to seek immediate exit. Highly effective, yet complying with legal sound level requirements, it is also equipped with features to ensure criminals are unable to destroy or by-pass the system, not least including a strong steel body, integrated LiOn batteries for cases of power disconnection and tamper switches.

For more details, see Sound Blaster-X

  1. Security Strobe-X

Delivering high-intensity white light pulses, the Castellax Strobe-X is designed to disorientate and confuse intruders, effectively leaving them unable to see and forcing them to seek an exit. Unique in the market, this system also delivers bright pulses of blue and red to imitate police lighting to further disorientate intruders. In combination, these red, white and blue lights frequently evoke a Pavlovian response among criminals, they associating the lights with the police and causing them to behave irrationally and to make mistakes, thereby leaving them more likely to be caught.

For more details, see Security Strobe-X

  1. Castellax Security Fogging System Fog-X Basic

Working on the principle “if the can’t see, they can’t steal “, our Fog-X anti-intruder fogging system rapidly pumps a dense fog into the protected area, almost instantaneously leaving the entire area visually impenetrable and stopping criminals in their tracks. For more details, see Security Fog-X Basic



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